Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Lara Crochet, Granny Spy

Final 40 second group animation of the Spy Granny for a 2nd year project in Animation at Dundee University. 2D pencil and paper animation, shot with flipbook.

First 10 secs: Keyframes by me, inbetweens by Carlo.
Second 10 secs: Keyframes by Carlo, inbetweens by me.
Third 10 secs: Keyframes by Hamid, inbetweens by Anna.
Final 10 secs: Keyframes by Anna, inbetweens by Hamid.

Unfortunately the version with sound hates me, and will only play with Quicktime, so when I attempt to upload it anywhere, its just a black screen with sound.  As it was Hamid who did this bit, I don't have the wherewithall to make changes to it, so silent movie it is!


  1. Some beautiful animation in here! Favourite parts: the subtle fold of her robe at her feet when she walks away from the camera, the lovely moment where she sweeps the chair before she sits down and when she tucks her gun away under her boob. That bit made me chuckle. LOVE IT! Good work guys :) x

  2. thanks lynneface! such a relief to get this one all sewn up and its great seeing it all put together. the gun/boob bit still gives me a giggle every time :) x